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Not sure how the PODTurbo can help you? Wonder why you need to use it?

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our appreciated members

No, you don’t have to install anything. It works on both Windows and Mac – even on your mobile phone. PODTurbo runs on a cloud server, so you can access it using any device that’s connected to the internet.
PODTurbo charges only a monthly or yearly fee. There will be other charges from the supplier when you make a sale. The supplier will charge you for production and shipping when you make a sale. Currently we are partnered with GearBubble only, so when you have an order, you’ll need to order the product from GearBubble.
No. You need to create the designs yourself. We handle product creation and product publishing only.
Our system can upload over 5,000 products monthly for each account, but there will be limits in certain marketplaces. For example, Etsy won’t allow you to upload too many products in a day (to prevent spamming). So we can upload only as much as the marketplaces will allow.
You can set the number of products that can be uploaded daily for each marketplace in your account. Our system will randomly select a time to upload the products and finish the job within a day. The system won’t upload all your products in a short time (to prevent your account from getting flagged for spam by the marketplaces).

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